Happy New Year!
                                             The tables are set and there are gently falling snowflakes
                                             coming down outside. The pond is froze solid enough for a skating
                                             party before our potluck dinner.
                                                               My amaryllis makes a bright and
                                                               pretty addition to our centerpiece.
                                                                       Just waiting for the arrival of our family.
                                        Last night we had six of our grandchildren over
                                                   for the night and after lots of fun and giggles it was
                                                   time to settle in for the night. As,some were settling into
                                                   sleep and I am laying with Lila and her brother I hear
                                                   a big sigh from Lila (above) as she says" worst New Years
                                                   ever...everyone is just going to go to sleep!" Oh! Lila it is
                                                   11 o'clock and you are only 5 years old! We had a good
                                                   laugh over our little drama queen. I hope your New Year
                                                   got off to a better start then Lila's!

                                                                                      Happy New Year!



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